Artist Roster Consideration at JTV Digital

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General Manager - JTV Digital

Global music company handling production, publishing, digital distribution and artist promotion / marketing, run by a music professional with solid experience in the digital music industry (music start-ups and major record label).

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Artist Roster Consideration at JTV Digital
We are constantly looking for new artists to work with and would be happy to consider your songs.

All our deals, was it digital distribution, licensing, publishing, etc. are artist-friendly and we aim to deliver value via a personal support and involvement in all the projects we work on.

Our current roster includes more than 2,000 artists and we work in partnership mode with a growing number of acts.

JTV Digital is a digital music distribution, licensing and online promotion company that uses all new digital marketing techniques and hacks to help artists building and growing their audiences.

-- 10% of the submission fee is shared with Unicef --

- Jeremie Varengo / JTV Digital

Deal Type: Artist Roster Consideration
Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Negotiable
Compensation: $500+
Song Quality: Fully mastered
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