Looking to sign artists to our Digital Distribution at URS!

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Shane Anderson
Founder - Unique Recording Studios

Shane Anderson is a seasoned music industry veteran. With over 20+ years in the music industry Shane has vast experience in production, recording, mixing and mastering as well as the ins and outs of the music business.

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Looking to sign artists to our Digital Distribution at URS!
URS is looking for new artists with "quality" mastered songs for online distribution through our network of media partners. You will be on our platform and part of our label roster who have access and opportunities for future label deals. Film/TV placements as well.

In 2017 we have expanded our business model to include distribution and administration for artists and labels who feel they have quality songs but have not reached the level of momentum that the major labels are looking for - We are bridging that gap.

Your songs will be on the following media platforms:
iTunes, Slacker Radio, Apple Music, Nokia, Itunes Radio, Emusic, Spotify, 247 ENT, Amazon, Shazam, Google Play, Akazoo, Napster, Aspiro, Tidal, Beatport, Pandora

The Deal:
You Keep 80% Net Profits!
(Other Opportunities for publishing, label film/TV placements) 30% Discount on all URS Services as an Artist @ URS
Career/Song Guidance
Social Media Marketing through our network of industry contacts.

- Shane Anderson - Founder - Unique Recording Studios
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