Country - Pop Artist Recording NOW

Chris Woods
Owner Manager - Alignment Management

Experienced Talent Manager & Entertainment Attorney. Founded Alignment Management, a talent management company with multi-platinum and award winning Producers, Writers & Artists

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Country - Pop Artist Recording NOW
Young female artist currently recording for debut album. We have the majority of the record in place some written by artist some written by big name writers and producers in country music. We are recording over the next couple of weeks and releasing on an expedited timescale. Artist has a large existing social media fanbase and is a priority for her label so has a great push behind her. Looking for top tier songs that are or could be produced out in the country / pop lane - could even include something in the CCM realm e.g. Lauren Daigle. Monetary amount is not listed below as too many variables at this stage but this is a priority artist so there is a budget for the right song!

- Chris Woods - Owner Manager - Alignment Management
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