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Production/Recording Critique
submission price: $10.00

Production/Recording Critique

All songs/tracks submitted will be critiqued for recording quality, mixing technique, clarity, and any other production related items that may need improvement. I will break down what I feel are any weak points in your production and give pointers on how to improve them.

I have worked in various areas of the music industry for 30 years, including film and commercial placements and production. If you submit your music to me, I will take the time to really listen and give you an honest critique of your recording. I will focus on any areas that I think could be improved and how they can be improved. I know how hard it is sometimes just to get an honest opinion, so I'd like to offer mine. That's it. I hope I can help.

- Jim Hughes - Recording Artist, Music-Supervisor - The Scientific Method

Killa Playlist Consideration
submission price: $10.00

Killa Playlist Consideration

Track consideration for Killa playlist Spotify Playlists.

- Killa Pop 1.5k follower playlist showcasing the very best in pop music.
- Killa EDM 500 Follower playlist with huge EDM Hits.
- Killa Rock 600 Follower playlist with the freshest rock tracks
- Killa Rap 505 Follower Playlist for the slickest bars.
- Acoustic Vibes 550 Follower playlist with chilled out and country vibes.
- BEAST MODE 500 Follower Playlist with BRUTAL DANCE tunes to go hard to at the gym
- Fresh pop 704 Follower Playlist with the cutting edge of new music.

The payment does not guarantee inclusion but does guarantee that we will listen and give feedback.

- James Heather - Curator - Killa Playlists

Professional Song Critique - Wayne Thompson / Whamzoo
submission price: $20.00

Professional Song Critique - Wayne Thompson / Whamzoo

Under this option Wayne will thoughtfully and honestly give you his professional opinion on the song and offer suggestions for how improvements might be made.

Recording Critique
submission price: $10.00

Recording Critique

I will listen to any song submitted and critique it from a producer's point of view. this is an overall critique and everything is fair game. I may or may not discuss song structure, lyrics, performance, arrangement, recording, mix, etc.

20+ years as a session engineer and producer in LA. Bernard has worked with some of the best musicians in the world on Albums, films, TV and commercials. Bernard now produces music for clients world wide from his Oregon studio.

- Bernard Matthews Audio Production

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100K fan base: Feedback & Possible Site Feature on Keep Walking Music
submission price: $2.00

Keep Walking Music Critique & Possible Site Feature

Keep Walking Music is a Madrid based online music platform that launched in 2015, and has since showcased local and worldwide talent. We are dedicated to discovering and featuring exceptional artists that we feel deserve a platform in the public eye.

The feedback you will receive will be an honest feeling from listening to your music, and should never be taken as a personal criticism. A quick browse through the blog will give you a sense of the editorial.

- Salah EddineBenali / Keep Walking Music

Cooper anderson
Production Critique from Grammy Winning Music Producer/Engineer/Songwriter Cooper Anderson
submission price: $10.00

Production Critique from Grammy Winning Music Producer/Engineer/Songwriter Cooper Anderson

Since I am a producer, I know how easy it is to lose perspective when you’re working on a project. With this service I can help you get back on track by telling you how your track is perceived by a seasoned outsider. I will comment on the lyrics, melodies, arrangement, production, mix, mastering, and anything else you would like. Just leave any questions with the submission and I'll give you a detailed response.

- Cooper Anderson

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Foley Entertainment Music Feedback and Phone Consultation
submission price: $0.00

Foley Entertainment Music Feedback and Phone Consultation

Through this opportunity on Music Xray, you can submit two of your songs to me for a written evaluation AND a 15 minute phone consultation. Believe me, I can pack a great deal of valuable advice into 15 minutes. For an additional fee, the phone consultation can be extended to 30 or 60 minutes if you so choose.

This is an opportunity for you to get helpful feedback on your songs AND speak with an experienced, caring, licensed music industry professional. My advice and career guidance will point you in the right direction. I’m the person who literally wrote the book about Artist Development and now you can speak with me directly. Please visit my Web site for a full Bio, Client Testimonials and links to TV Talk Show interviews that are filled with free advice & insight.

Topics for Phone Consultations Include: Building a Team, Song Selection, Song Arranging, Intellectual Property, Artist Development, Press Kits, Photography, Image, Management, Booking Agents, TV/Film Placement, Marketing, Radio Promotion, Publicity, Advertising, Touring, Record Companies, Music Publishing, Videos, Merchandise, Distribution, Along with answering your questions

The genres I would be interested in receiving are:
Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Country, Blues, Jazz, World, Metal, Children's Music

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JYP Entertainment seeking radio-friendly, pop songs for Kpop artists GOT7
submission price: $20.00

JYP Entertainment seeking radio-friendly, pop songs for Kpop artists GOT7 & TWICE

Please listen to songs by GOT7 and TWICE on youtube before submitting demos. We've been receiving a lot of demos that are great, but would obviously not work for our artists.

Demos must be complete and polished including lyrics and vocals.
Good luck! JYP Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company that operates as a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management and concert production company, and music publishing house.

- Tommy Park - Music Producer - JYP Entertainment

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Seeking Childrens Music For Label Roster Opportunity
submission price: $10.00

Seeking Childrens Music For Label Roster Opportunity

Our Client Prestigious Kids Is Seeking Childrens Music For Label Roster Prestigious Kids is looking for positive, happy, music to consider signing new talent to their label division. Founded in 2008 in Atlanta, Ga home of some musical legends and established in 2016 as a brand for the kids, Prestigious Kids is definitely a movement you will want to be apart of as well as be on the lookout for.

: Please submit your best work. Songs will go through the review process and if selected you will receive negotiated compensation. We look forward to hearing what you have to offer.

- Prestigious Kids / The Administration

Deal Type: Artist Development / Artist Management
Decision Maker: We are the final decision makers
Deal Structure: Negotiable
Compensation: Negotiable
Song Quality: Rough Mixes, Fully Mastered, Broadcast Ready
Similar Sounding Artist: Sound Like Yourself but a few examples of what we're looking for are below: