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Chris Woods
Owner Manager - Alignment Management

Experienced Talent Manager & Entertainment Attorney. Founded Alignment Management, a talent management company with multi-platinum and award winning Producers, Writers & Artists

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Available Opportunities

Christmas is fast approaching!
It is almost that time of year again and with the holiday season fast approaching we need some great Christmas songs for licensing. We are pitching for a variety of projects from TV to film to advertisements. This can be originals or covers of existing well known Christmas songs. This is a ver...  Learn More
10k Projects looking for records
We are looking for records for artists on 10k Projects currently. Check out their website for latest roster and let us know if you have any specific matches but we are currently focusing on Trippie Red (looking for uptempo, dark and next level / grandiose production), Internet Money (think big r...  Learn More
We are currently working with some of the world's leading Dance music companies and looking for incredible songs for their artists and DJs to release. You might have a dance record to submit which is fine but you also might have a great piano vocal - the key here is the song as the DJs will ad...  Learn More
We are currently looking to expand our producer roster with a number of exciting opportunities and the changing world of remote sessions and zoom. Alignment Management has always been heavily involved in moulding and helping celebrate producers having had enormous success with producers in the p...  Learn More
Submit your music for Film and TV opportunities
We are working with an exciting new sync company with placements ranging from Good Doctor, Power, Mayans and Dynasty to NCAA, UFC, NFL and NASCAR broadcasts and commercials with companies such as Palmolive, CBS, Underarmour and Target. Together we are building a growing Music licensing company...  Learn More
Still looking for Netflix huge show
One of the breakout shows of 2020 is back for its second season and looking for music. We are looking for music in three different veins initially. 1 – Classical Covers of Modern Songs (for example - Covers should...  Learn More
Hear Your Music in Film & TV!!
We have a growing Music licensing company that is working with sync companies around the world and currently syncing music (tracks and full songs) to secure various film and tv opportunities. Your music should be impactful and memorable but doesn't need to be any specific genre - there is a lot...  Learn More
BMG Nashville
We are looking for records for BMG's roster of country artists here in Nashville including: - Granger Smith (Sticking with his brand on the songs. He’s Texan, not southern) - Jason Aldean (High Priority!) - Tyler Farr - Jimmie Allen - Lainey Wilson - Runaway June Most of all submit great song...  Learn More
Sony Nashville
Still looking with Sony in Nashville for their roster including big uptempo records for Adam Doleac, Chris Young, Restless Road and Robert Counts. Also just generally great songs / potential hit singles for Brad Paisley, Colin Elmore, Hannah Dasher, Kane Brown Rachel Wammack and Ross Ellis. Ple...  Learn More
Calling all songwriters. We have a lot of major opportunities for songwriters out there including chart topping and award winning producers looking to work with new writers as well as international artists looking for songs. Don't worry about genre as a great song is just a great song and the a...  Learn More
R&B Soul Singer looking for single
Incredible international soul singer looking for a follow up single. Major opportunity for exposure as a producer and / or songwriter. Think R&B Soul in the Adele / Marvin Gaye / Bill Withers lane rather than modern urban music for this particular opportunity.Alignment Management is a talent ma...  Learn More
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