Artist Development and Publishing

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Ric Robbins President - Incorporated Elements

Incorporated Elements is a company that works with songwriters, artists, producers, and DJ's to help them perfect their craft and fully realize the potential in their art. We work in the areas of production, publishing, film/TV licensing, artist dev...

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Available Opportunities

Modern Pop Songs for Romantic Comedy
Looking for modern pop songs for placement in a rom-com coming out in early 2025. This one has the potential of the artist selected to actually play the song in the movie if they decide to go that direction with where it is used. Can be male or female vocal, but must be a modern sounding pop son...  Learn More
Hot Country Songs Needed For Artists
We are looking for hot, new, current sounding country songs to pitch to artists. IF YOUR SONG IS "SELECTED" THAT MEANS THAT IT WILL BE PLAYED DIRECTLY TO ARTISTS, LABELS, OR MANAGERS. You will only be contacted back about it if they decide to use the song or put it on an official hold. Please kee...  Learn More
Film placement - Songs about loss or a broken heart
In need of songs about heartbreak, loss, or the end of a season of life. Should be mellow and emotional. Can be sad, but not depressing or dark. This is for a motion picture releasing date is late 2024. So, if your song is placed on hold, it may be several months before a final decision is made....  Learn More
Big, cinematic tracks for film trailer pitches
We are looking for big, intense, cinematic tracks for pitching to film trailers. These can be instrumental or full vocal version, but please have an instrumental version available if selected. They can include other genres within the track, like hip-hop, rock, etc., but need to have a prominent...  Learn More
Alt Rock needed for film placement
We are in need of Alt Rock tracks for a film placement. If you have some amazing tracks and songs in this genre, send them over! Preferably looking for full songs with either male or female vocals or both. Songs can be about any subject matter as long as they aren't so specific that their use ...  Learn More
Fun, Feel Good Pop Songs for streaming series
We are in need of your most fun, feel good pop song for a streaming series' next season! Don't hold back...give us all the fun! Can be vocal or instrumental, but needs to be current-sounding and feel like the best day ever!! If we think your submission may fit, we will place it on hold for fur...  Learn More
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