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Ric Robbins President - Incorporated Elements

Incorporated Elements is a company that works with songwriters, artists, producers, and DJ's to help them perfect their craft and fully realize the potential in their art. We work in the areas of production, publishing, film/TV licensing, artist dev...

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Available Opportunities

Spanish language songs for catalog inclusion
We are in need of Spanish songs in all genres, but especially pop, hip-hop, R&B, Reggaeton, and dance. If selected, your song will be included in a catalog that will be pitched on a continuous basis for films, television, and advertisements. Fees will vary based on each pitch. If we think your...  Learn More
Fun, Happy Pop Songs Needed For Streaming Series
Looking for fun, light-hearted, happy pop songs for the new season of a popular streaming series. Songs can be instrumental, but will need to have a signature "hook" in the music. Songs with lyrics should be very catchy and upbeat. If we think your submission may fit, we will place it on hold ...  Learn More
Make sure your songs are ready for film, television, ads, and   ...
Incorporated Elements has had hundreds of songs placed in the sync world, and we are working on new projects all the time. We receive many songs everyday from musicians, artists, and producers hoping to get their music in films, tv shows, advertisements, and video games. We have noticed that man...  Learn More
Film placement - Sentimental Love Songs - all genres
*This is not related to our other opportunities for love songs. This is a new client* We are in need of a current sounding, emotional song that is sentimental in nature. It can be about unconditional love, loyalty, sticking through hard times, looking forward to better times. Open to all genres...  Learn More
Animated sequel seeking Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Electronic tracks
The sequel to a successful animated feature is looking for multiple songs in the following genres…pop, R&B, electronic, and Hip-Hop. NO explicit language and NO sexual themes please. Other than these restrictions, they are open hearing songs about any other themes to see if they might fit speci...  Learn More
Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B songs to add to publishing catalog for   ...
We are looking to add several new songs to our catalog to pitch to many upcoming sync opportunities. These songs will be co-published by our company, so you must control all of your portion of the publishing at this point. We will not be able to accept songs that are currently in another publis...  Learn More
Songs about overcoming hard times for TV series
We are working with a streaming series that needs songs about overcoming hard times. There is no direction on genre, so they are open to many different genres. But, the chorus of the song must evoke a lot of emotion about making it through, overcoming, getting to the other side of hardship, etc....  Learn More
Timeless love songs from different decades needed for a film   ...
We are working on a film that takes place in various decades. We are in need of timeless love songs that sound like they could come from different decades such as 1950’s, ’60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, ’00’s and today. When submitting, please specify which decade that you feel your song fits. We wil...  Learn More
High energy, anthemic songs to pitch for MLB broadcasts and ads
We are looking for high energy anthems for Major League Baseball broadcasts and ads. Hip-Hop or Pop/Rock typically work best for these pitches, but we are open to hearing any genre that you think fits for baseball broadcasts and advertisements. Can be instrumental or vocal. If your submission ...  Learn More
Female artist, vocalist, writer to sign to a production deal
Incorporated Elements is looking for a female vocalist and writer to sign to a production deal. We are looking for a very specific artist, so please listen to the examples we have listed. The style, vocals, writing, etc. must be in the same vein as the musical examples to be considered. This i...  Learn More
Hip-Hop/Rap Songs for Major Studio motion picture
In need of current sounding Hip-Hop/Rap songs for a major motion picture that will be released in early 2022. Should sound like top hits of today, but also have a bit of foresight into where music trends may go. Similar styles to Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Pop Smoke, DaBaby, Masked Wolf, Drake, 24kG...  Learn More
Songs needed for film trailer company
We are in need of aggressive, energetic, and "cinematic" feeling tracks and songs for a company that creates mostly action, sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller film trailers. Submissions can be instrumental or contain vocals, but must have a cinematic feel to them. All submissions must be original mu...  Learn More
Video Game Placement Opportunity - Multiple Genres Needed
We are working with a game company on music for a new game. Multiple genres needed. $1000 per song placed. This is an opportunity to possibly get several songs placed. If you are submitting, it is recommended that you listen to some of the music used in current video games and game trailers t...  Learn More
Seeking Singer/Songwriter Songs for Film license
A music supervisor we are working with is looking for emotional, mellow, singer/songwriter or pop/folk songs. Song theme needs to convey hopefulness in the midst of uncertainty in love. This is for an independent film releasing in late 2022, so the final decision could be a few months after the d...  Learn More
Country Songs Needed for Publishing
Looking for HIT country songs for popular country artists. IF YOUR SONG IS "SELECTED" THAT MEANS THAT IT WILL BE PLAYED DIRECTLY TO ARTISTS, LABELS, OR MANAGERS. You will only be contacted back about it if they decide to use the song or put it on an official hold. Due to the amount of songs re...  Learn More
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