MusicXray Investment and Investors

Here is a list of our current investors, some of which help to provide guidance for the company due to their extensive background in the industry and other key assets that they bring to Music Xray. If you are interested in investing in Music Xray please send an email to

True Global Ventures

True Global Ventures is a unique, international, early-stage vehicle formed by the world's leading technology entrepreneurs-turned-angel-investors. True Global Ventures leverages the personal networks and expertise of its founders to support the next generation of superstar entrepreneurs.

Founded by Dušan Stojanovic, awarded Business Angel of the Year in Europe in 2013 and nominated as one of the top four angels in 2009 by the European Business Angel Network, the True Global Ventures team includes entrepreneur-angels from mainly Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Silicon Valley and New York. With every partner having deep startup operating experience and successful exits as entrepreneurs, as well as the investment expertise that comes from having completed prior to True Global Ventures a combined total of over 350 angel investments, True Global Ventures gives new meaning to the term 'smart money'.

DAD - Digital Assets Deployment

DAD focuses on investments where they not only provide the capital but also the resources to assist with startups. The concept they employ is that of an incubator of internet and technology businesses investing in entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and execution skills is demonstrating its potential and will rapidly create value for the shareholders. Some of their investments have demonstrated to be ranked among the best Internet projects in Spain and the USA with new projects also underway in Asia where they will continue to grow their presence.

Digital Daruma

Digital Daruma's goal is to enable start-up music companies and musicians globally to successfully navigate the enormous opportunities that are available in the emerging new music ecosystem thanks to the ever growing importance of digital technology. Digital Daruma aspires to participate in the convergence of technology, globalization, musical creativity and demographic changes that are driving a whole new way musicians create and people enjoy a much broader set of experiences and interactions with music.

Harold L. Vogel

Harold L. (Hal) Vogel is the author of Entertainment Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis (Seventh Edition) and of the companion volume, Travel Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis, both published by Cambridge University Press in 2001. He was ranked as top entertainment industry analyst for a record ten years by Institutional Investor magazine and was the senior entertainment industry analyst at Merrill Lynch for seventeen years. A chartered financial analyst (C.F.A.), Mr. Vogel served on the New York State Governor’s Motion Picture and Television Advisory Board and as an adjunct professor of media economics at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. He is currently a venture capitalist and fund manager specializing in early stage investments in media and entertainment and aviation and is based in New York.

David Kessler

David Kessler started working in radio stations when he was 16-years-old and has been continuously working in the music and entertainment industry ever since. He has done almost anything you can do in the music industry at least once, including artist/management relations, download management, staff training, customer service, marketing, and tour advance work and management. David helped develop the concept and business plan for InstantLive, the company which pioneered band-sanctioned, quality-controlled instant recordings for sale. David was the manager for online accounts at one of the first affinity credit card companies in the country. He worked with strategic partners and constructed deals between banks/credit card issuers and the affinity partners. In this capacity he created innovative credit card concepts which are currently being pioneered at Platinum Blue. David is a consummate connector within the music and business worlds. He is also an authority on music trivia and pop culture..

Josh Eliashberg

Jehoshua Eliashberg is the Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing and Professor of Operations and Information Management at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. His research interests are in developing models and methodologies to solve business problems. He has a particular interest in the media and entertainment, pharmaceutical, and the high-tech/consumer electronics industries. His research on these industries has focused on issues such as forecasting new product acceptance, market analysis, designing entry strategies, marketing/manufacturing/R&D interface, and competitive strategies.

Professor Eliashberg created MOVIEMOD, a pre-release market evaluation tool for motion pictures that generates box-office forecasts and supports marketing, advertising and distribution-related decisions for a new movie after it has been produced, but before its release. He has also developed models that forecast the commercial performance of movies based on their scripts, and the demand for rent/buy for DVDs.

A prolific scholar, Professor Eliashberg’s research has been published in top-tier academic journals such as the Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science and the Journal of Marketing Research. He is the inaugural winner of the Mallen prize for published scholarly contributions to the motion picture industry and has held various editorial positions on leading professional journals.

Grand Canyon Inversiones

Grand Canyon Inversiones is a Spanish firm dedicated to seeking long term opportunities with an international purview. Its portfolio is diversified among real estate, listed companies and start-ups.

Alisa Cohn

Alisa Cohn is an Executive Coach with over fifteen years of professional experience in large and small corporate environments. She earned her MBA from Cornell University, where she was awarded the Fried Fellowship for Leadership and Academic Excellence.

Alisa was recently selected as one of the Top 10 Coaches in Boston according to Women’s Business; she was noted as “absolutely brilliant, laugh-out-loud hilarious and a superhero.” Alisa coaches across industries and has conducted training and workshops and worked as a coach with teams, VPs and C-level executives, and boards of advisors for Fortune 500 companies, international banks and start-ups all over the United States as well as in India, Ireland, and Israel. She has also created special programs for global leaders engaged in peace activities from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Rwanda, Congo and other areas of conflict through her work with the Center for Inclusive Security and the International Rescue Committee.

Alisa has been quoted in national media, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Investors Business Daily, Redbook Magazine, and Self Magazine. A dynamic speaker and skilled facilitator, she is known for her humor, energy, and motivational style, along with a propensity to burst into song without warning.

Marc Garrigasait

Marc Garrigasait is the head of Fima, a botique investment firm located in Barcelona, Spain. Until 1998 he served as Executive Director of Investments at Caixa de Catalunya Investment Management where he was responsible for 3 billion euros divided among 25 separate funds including fixed rate, currency and viariable rate international accounts.

He has a graduate degree in economics and business administration from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (U.A.B) and a financial analyst degree (CEFFA). He is a member of The Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts and has published a number of articles and interviews in the general and financial trade media. He is also frequently a featured speaker at a number of financial conferences and events.

He is President & Investment Manager of KOALA CAPITAL SICAV, mutual fund listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange and an Investment manager of PANDA AGRICULTURE & WATER FUND (since May-2013). First Spanish agricultural mutual fund created in May 2013. Investing in global agricultural & water companies (plantations, farms, livestock, agricultural equipment and machinery, fertilizers and water companies).

Jordi Duran

Jordi Duran i Batidor is a serial entrepreneur, trained both as an electronics and telecommunications engineer. He brings in-depth technical experience and expertise to Platinum Blue. His ability to see the big picture yet fully understand the details makes him a perfect fit for this pioneering company.

He founded AIBITS, a system for delivering ad content based on user behavior, with the belief that artificial intelligence has a better ability to increase customer knowledge and commercial performance than any existing technology. Jordi is the co-founder and CTO of the Spanish portal Olé, which later became Terra/Lycos after the company was sold to Telefonica. Jordi advised Telefonica’s top management on strategic Internet issues and contributed to develop strategic partnerships. He previously participated to the creation of Nominalia, the leading Spanish Internet domain name registration company and he also played an active role in building one of the early Spanish ISP’s.