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Washington street publishing

"Country" Music For Western Themed Shows

Saddle up, songwriters! We're pitching to several popular and upcoming shows set in the west, We're seeking a variety of songs - twangy country western (Whitey Morgan and the 78's, Ray Wylie Hubbard), some dangerous country rock (The Owsley Brothers, Whiskey Myers), and Alt country/Americana artists (Jacob McCoy, Christ Stapleton, Dalton Day, Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris).

Fees vary depending on usage & prominence. Male mostly, but female welcome.

Washington Street Publishing is a 'boutique' music library with a focus on music in media. We are committed to finding the perfect song for each artist, film, TV or commercial project.

- Nancy Peacock / Washington Street Publishing

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Country Music - Major labels looking to finish year strong!

We have a lot of artists in country music looking for big records to close out the year with.

Currently we are pitching for artists like Brad Paisley, Dan & Shay, Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, Tyler Booth, Kelly Clarkson, Kane Brown and even Diplo.

The songs if selected will be produced by specific producers for each project so the focus here is on great songs rather than the production. This means it's ok if they are on guitar / piano or even work tapes that need producing out.

- Chris Woods - Owner Manager - Alignment Management These are urgent priorities for record labels right now and they are looking for singles which means if selected and released these are career changing placements and life changing amounts of money on the table so get your best work in quickly!

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We are seeking Country, Folk and Bluegrass songs $5k to $ 10K for an upcoming film in 2023

We are seeking Country, Folk and Bluegrass songs for an upcoming film in 2023.

The film is set in timelines from 1950 to present day in Mississippi. Its has race, relationship and love themes, cues include love, longing, yearning, reminiscing, happiness, story telling, spoken word, finding a loved one, losing someone.
There are more cues to come and I will update this as they come.

Looking forward to hearing some great material!

Please DO NOT contact the Producers of the films or industry professional or anyone directly at the industry professional's company. Doing so will DISQUALIFY you from consideration.

- Alexander Johnston / CMI Music Group

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Success Stories & Feedback

Artist James Shaw lands four contracts and reviews Music Xray

Last week (September 4, 2020), I was offered four (4) non-exclusive contracts, from two different U.K. music producers. For me, a Songwriter, Music Xray has been a consistent and reliable source of industry education, professional musical guidance and development, and laser-sharp knowledge of how to apply my song composition skills to the dictates of the music marketplace.

Working with Music Xray makes me feel like I am in a positive, happy professional vocational education environment where the pathways end with licensing contracts handed to me. Thank you so very much, Music Xray. I could not have met with this enormous success otherwise.

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Artist Radio Driv reviews Music Xray - October 2020

I've always trusted the opportunities available on Music X Ray as being legit. It's one of the few places you can trust for indie artists. The prices are extremely affordable and the potential for success is endless. I've been using Music X Ray for years. The customer support is amazing. And the gigs are fantastic.

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Artist Archie Thompson Lands Song Placements in Blockbuster hit, and #1 movie in America, 'Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween' and hit NBC TV series, 'Timeless'

Music Xray artist Archie Thompson has his song "Funky Pad" placed in the blockbuster hit, and #1 movie in America, 'Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween'. He also had his song "Soul Tonic" placed in the hit NBC TV series 'Timeless".

Through Music Xray Mr. Thompson procured a publishing deal with Eddie Caldwell of Music Of The Sea, Inc. He's had numerous placements, and Eddie has continued to pitch his music for a wide variety of opportunities. Mr. Thompson says of Eddie, "He is a consummate professional, and due to his hard work, my music is being heard throughout the world! Big thanks to Eddie, and to Music Xray for providing the platform that enabled me to find a great publisher! Today's music business is incredibly competitive, and I believe it takes a team to achieve widespread success. I couldn't be happier with my working relationship with Music of the Sea."

Congratulations to Archie Thompson and Music Of The Sea on another amazing song placement!

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Artist Alan Burke reviews Music Xray - October 2020

I'm very happy with music xray and selecting the right fit for the submission is essential. I've had a number of my songs selected by choosing carefully.

There were a number of clients unfortunately who didn't bother responding, but music xray didn't fuss, they refunded me on those particular submissions.

With music xray too, you only pay for for submissions and not annnual fees like other sites. Music xray, you are the best platform of this type, and I congratulate you for your customer service!

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Artist iRoc Omega reviews Music Xray - September 2020

Music Xray is one of the essential entities of the music business, especially for aspiring artists. Submitting music and actually being chosen and recognized for those musical efforts; not only does it potentially open doors, but it also delivers a great feeling of accomplishment.

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