Alexander Johnston - Industry Music Producer / Composer / Music Supervisor / Multi-instrumentalist / A&R Consultant

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Alexander Johnston CEO, Producer, Composer, Mixer, Musician - CMI Music Group International

Alexander Johnston is an Industry Producer, Composer, Music Supervisor, Multi-Instrumentalist in both the UK and US who has an impressive CV which includes ground breaking band Mamma Freedom and JV Johnston, The Sonic Generals and Orchestral composing for

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Available Opportunities

Netflix Production company looking for music for Drama / Horror,   ...
Netflix Production company looking for music for Drama / Horror, Police Procedural Drama, Dark Thriller, Racism in a country town and Teen action.Netflix production company looking for several styles for 3 specific genres for TV shows in development for 2021/22. These shows were originally 2020 b...  Learn More
Civil and Human liberties Documentary requires powerful, thought   ...
Civil and Human liberties Documentary requires powerful, thought provoking Music Songs wanted for a Documentary on Freedoms, Civil Liberties and Human Rights in America. The CMI Music Group have been asked by a US Documentary film company to look for songs for their upcoming follow up documentar...  Learn More
Major Beer Company Seeks; Light-hearted / uplifting / Being back   ...
Major Beer Company Seeks; Light-hearted / uplifting / Being back / Life affirming and New Starts for Fall 2021 advertising campaign 3 Slots $25k The opp is for several different pieces of music as it will cover 3 major tv / film ads and several web-blog adverts and music to show off a new produc...  Learn More
Win a 10 full mixes and masters of your track worth $15,000
To celebrate the opening of the brand new Grand Northern Recording Studio, custom designed by Alexander Johnston in the beautiful countryside of England we are giving away 10 mixes and masters of a track. These tracks will also all be considered for the sync opps we currently have including Reeb...  Learn More
Reebok Sports looking for music for 2021 Autumn / Fall campaign   ...
Global Sports brand looking music for 2021 Autumn Collection CMI Music Group has been asked by a major global sports brand to find music for several Autumn 2021 campaign videos and adverts. Once again, the videos and ads will be seen by millions of sports fans across the globe on many fronts incl...  Learn More
Label and Studio looking for songwriters to join the team
The CMI Music Group and Grand Northern Recording Studio are looking for writers of all genres to join our current team for immediate start on several major projects. We are looking for songwriters, lyricists, melody / topline writers and remixers and for a variety of our major projects. Royalti...  Learn More
Global Coffee chain looking for 2021 Adverts track and In Store   ...
Global Coffee chain looking for 2021 Adverts track and In Store Music $5k - $25k Global Coffee chain wants music for 2021 adverts and music for in store radio. Radio $5k per track Advert $20K Non-Exclusive Great chance to get music heard by a mass audience at the peak times day and night. The C...  Learn More
Global Advertising Agency looking for artists and music for   ...
Global Advertising Agency looking for artists and music for multiple companies and campaigns Major Advertising Agency is looking for music and artists with quakity catalogues for a variety of companies for markets in the US, UK, Europe and South American regions for 2021 This includes, Global TV...  Learn More
NBA Game day and Highlights show seeks music for 2021 season $10k   ...
We are looking for music of all genre and styles for 4 program packages. *NBA weekly highlights show, broadcast in US. *NBA weekly Highlights show, broadcast in Europe and Asia and Australia. *NBA twice weekly podcast broadcast globally on net. *NBA play off highlights programs. We are looking...  Learn More
Huge Tech Company want songs for several projects in 2021
Global Software company seeks music for several product releases in 2021 campaign $5,000 per track. This includes, Global TV and Film advertising campaigns, Web Commercials, Blogs, Vlogs, internet advertising and use in sports and TV shows that the company sponsor. All styles of music will be ...  Learn More
Corona Virus Film, TV Shows, Docus, Media is coming soon. Lots of   ...
There is no doubt at all that the Corona Virus has changed the game for musicians, So I've been thinking of was to help the Music Xray Members a way to get cash or exposure from somewhere as fast as possible. Now is a great time for musicians to write in these lockdowns and so much music is ready...  Learn More
Full Production Deal available to 2 artists / Bands worth   ...
We are looking for 2 artists / bands to sign to our company to A 2 year production deal worth $50,000 - $100,000. Please Submit Your Music For A Production Deal with Alexander Johnston and CMI Music Group (No additional costs after the initial submission) Artists I have worked with just in 2019...  Learn More
Have your song critiqued by the producer / writer for Alexander   ...
Have your song critiqued by Producer, Arranger, Composer and Multi-Instrumentalist Alexander Johnston. The CMI Music Group is home to globally renowned Producer Alexander Johnston, Alex is a world class producer, song writer, arranger, scorer and multi-instrumentalist. He has already produced, w...  Learn More
Hollywood / New York Music supervisor / Producer looking for Film   ...
In today's music business there are a lot of bands and artists who deserve deals, but with the industry in the state it is and the uncertainty of labels giving new bands money, they now want to see some kind of exposure first and getting a song in a film or TV show is a massive step and one of th...  Learn More
Have a 30 minute phone chat with Alexander Johnston
Please submit your best material and links to where I can hear and learn more. Also, in the message section of your submission, please indicate your primary areas of concern and challenges you perceive in your career. I will carefully consider your music, image, style, talent and skill and draw s...  Learn More
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