Dizzy | Jovi Rockwell (written by Gail Vareilles/Tommy Faragher/Brooke Lundy/Galia Arad)

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Dizzy tells a magical hypnotic story of sensuality and love with exotic middle eastern accents and instruments.

Reviews of Dizzy on Garageband:

Please, folks, if you're 'reviewing my review' please go check this tune out. Nothing I write here can possibly convey the intangible awesomeness of this tune. There is no superior superlative sufficiently spellbinding to sell such a solid sounding song.

Can you tell that I'm dizzily diggin this dirge?

Here's the CodeBlue: Lush, sensual female vocals. Slow, MarvinGaye-esque beat, exquisite instrumental punctuation to complement the 'dizziness' that envelopes the listener.

Boys, getchu some Dramamine, 'cause you's one click away from gettin' all dizzy yo'self!


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About the artist

Sandshifter Music was founded by multi-award winning Songwriter, Gail Vareilles, who frequently partners as a co-writer with hit "GLEE" Music Producer (and multiple Grammy-nominated Songwriter/Producer), Tommy Faragher. Gail has numerous professional licensing credits with many of her songs licensed to Film and TV(Gail is now a composer for Nickelodeon's megahit "Dora The Explorer"), iPhone apps, Video Games and also numerous Artist cuts. Recent projects include Writing and Producing for Pop/Reggae star Jovi Rockwell & American Idol’s Top 10 finalist Tim Urban, among others!

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Written by Gail Vareilles/Tommy Faragher/Brooke Lundy/Galia Arad

I’m lost on a desert road
Blazing sun, burning sweat, drenching my clothes
You stopped and said take a ride
A cool drink quenching me with your ice blue eyes

As we ride
With nowhere to hide
I only feel the rushing wind blowing my mind
And I’m spinning round
Now we’re touching down
And I’m dizzy I’m dizzy
Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy

The pedal pushed to the ground
Were chasing the ghosts of old lovers down
You’re sliding the map aside
And reaching for my touch to be your guide

The way you drive
I come alive
You go so fast
I fly too high
We’re crashing down
Then we do it again

Chorus (repeat 2X)