A Ghost in This House | The Next Phase

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About the artist

The Next Phase

The Driving force behind “ The Next Phase “ is the singer-songwriter Patrick Cannell who
on occasion is assisted by supporting artists Karen Sheader and Simon Reed.

Patrick began composing music in his mind at the age of 11. His mother bought him an acoustic guitar for his 16th birthday, “I already knew I could write music before I played the first note on a guitar. The task then was for my musicianship to catch up with my imagination.” Over the next couple of years Patrick had to learn the principles of playing music, as opposed to imagining the sound of it.

“Perhaps because I was a late starter as a musician, my playing skills, although competent, are some way behind my compositional skills. So midi is the ideal tool for me. You don't have to play like a virtuoso as long as you know how music works.” There were several attempts at forming bands and playing live but Patrick felt his true medium was the recording studio. He enjoys the lack of restriction a midi set-up gives him, “If I want a string section it's no problem.”

He is foremost a songwriter rather than a performer and does not confine his output to any particular style but many identify an “old” feeling in his music, which is not surprising as his influence draws from the rock and pop of the 1960's and 1970's. What of the future? “My long term ambition is to go completely insane but it's easier said than done.”



I'm not saying there's ghost in this house
But I'm not hanging around to find out.

'Cause there was something in the doorway, blocking out the light.
It couldn't have been you or anybody else.
There was something by the window just the other night.
It couldn't have been you or anybody else.

I'm not prone to hallucinations or fits
But if I stay here another night I'll lose my wits.

'Cause there was something on the landing, lurking in the shade.
It couldn't have been you or anyone who staid.
There was something in the bedroom, breathing down my neck.
It couldn't have been you, 'cause you'd show more respect.

It seems so innocuous now
But, as sure as I'm alive,
There was something here, there was something here, there was something here.

There was something q q queer in the kitchen, breaking all the cups.
It couldn't have been you or anyone of us.
There was something in the twilight, howling like the wind.
It couldn't have been you or any of your friends.

It seems so preposterous now
But, as sure as I'm alive,
There was most definitely something here.

Yes, I felt the fear,
There was something n n near mamamia n n near
In the doorway.